A petition for affordable energy in the EU

A petition for affordable energy in the EU


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‘Power to the people’

Energy is a basic human need and the bedrock of the economy. It should not become a political football.

The EU has created an energy crisis by unilaterally closing down one of its biggest gas pipelines, creating havoc in the markets and misery for tens of millions of Europeans. Soon people will not be able to heat their homes or run their businesses. Factories are closing across Europe and will continue to do so until the EU changes course.

We request:
  • An end to energy sanctions, which are pushing up prices without having the desired political effect;
  • That European leaders actively explore all means to open the Nord Stream gas pipelines, which would decisively increase supply to Europe and drive down prices;
  • An end to carbon taxes and the EU’s emissions trading system, which artificially increase the cost of all energy including electricity.
This is an EU-wide initiative launched by Forum for Democracy International, based in the Netherlands, and it is open to all. The petition will be submitted to the European Parliament.

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